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In 1980, Robert A. Heinlein wrote, “The most difficult speculation for a science fiction writer to undertake is to imagine correctly the *secondary* implications of a new factor. Many people correctly anticipated the coming of the horseless carriage... but I know of no writer, fiction or non-fiction, who saw ahead of time the vast change in the courting and mating habits of Americans which would result." (Expanded Universe, p. 326).

Notes FROM Cloud Meaning

Speculative "Fiction" on Future Context Technologies in The Cloud



In 2045, after years of experimentation at the Chinese Huge Photon Collider (HPC) North of Beijing, a young physicist named Dawn Jung resolved the Interfield Impedance Problem[1]. She did this by bringing together strong biological (biotech) and technological (Quantum Electrodynamic, QED) energy field sources into harmonic resonance. 

The biotech source was a genetically engineered undifferentiated stem cell based carrier field pioneered by Dr. Rupert Lipton. As early as 2032 Lipton's experiments had revealed that it is mostly epigenetic field influences that determined how stem cells develop into specific kinds of living tissue. His findings sparked a revolution in biophysics and opened a new research area in energy field based stem cell morphology. 

The QED source was from a proprietary ElectroPhotonic Holo-Imaging Spectrometer used primarily in consciousness research and normative health status tests on large human populations. 

To be useful in programmable field media integration tests the intensity from these two sources were amplified over one hundred million times using quantum field strength multiplier techniques. When the amplified fields from these two sources were brought into zero photoresistant resonance an entirely new interstitial carrier field was generated between them. It was initially dubbed the Jung Carrier Field (JCF), and Dawn Jung was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2047.

An enormous wellspring of interest in Quantum Information Science emerged from Jung's work, and after many successful energy field information experiments it was recognized that instances of the new JCF had a unusually strong influence on events and objects within range. In the most decisive of these experiments human observational metadata was infused into a freshly generated JCF. The modified field was then used as a replacement for human observers in quantum physics wave-particle duality experiments. Repeated tests showed clearly that the presence of the infused JCF alone, without any human observers, or observing instruments in range, yielded the same result as identical experiments in the presence of living, conscious human or instrumented observation. Under influence of the programmed JCF the interference wave function of an electron beam collapsed into particle behavior just as if an observer were present. In other words the Jung Carrier Field was providing the same sort of contextual influence on the experiment as conscious observation.

As experimentation continued it was found that any coherent information programmatically infused into a Jung Carrier Field became that field's contextual theme. Jung's work established that instances of her field are essentially contextual in nature, and that the information patterns that are programmed into them strongly influence the perceived meaning of events, data, and objects that occur within the field's contextual range. Eventually the more descriptive name, "Context Field", became popular. The notion of Context as a basic qubit encoded information type was structured into quantum information theory. This allowed the development of resonance based field programming languages and commercial field imprinting systems.

The idea of layering Context Fields to develop more complex systems grew naturally out of their generative interstitial manner of production. By 2058 layered models for complex context systems were in wide use. To increase system interoperability a globally accepted reference model, the Open Context Interconnection model (OCI), was adopted. By 2060 the foundation technology for all near future development on holomorphic resonant context layers was firmly established. A whole new area was opened up for practical application which quickly led to a wide range of programmable holographic context field products. 

The combined impact of this work completely revolutionized Virtual Reality and made irrelevant the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The resonance fields of these new context layers were essentially the same as those emitted by human consciousness at the individual or collective level. Field Intelligence (FI) replaced AI. There was nothing artificial about the intelligence of Jungian Context Fields. The entire focus of information technology development went to creating Contexts - contexts for other contexts, context chains, and ultimately layered resonant Context Domes. 

Cloud support technology was completely restructured and implemented with holomorphic resonant context layers structured around domes of supporting hardware/software infrastructure. The dotDome boom erupted and in the euphoria it seemed as though humanity had finally found the potential to integrate itself and its technology into all contextualized forms of existence.

[1] Interfield Impedance Problem: Part of Quantum Field Theory (QFT), the Interfield Impedance Problem refers to the issue of measurement and matching of the photon reactive resistance component between quantum fields. Simple harmonic oscillator (SHO) arrays have been used to "dress" quantum field photons via QED interaction. Photoresistance is modulated via harmonic resonance at full field scale. By experimentally irradiating any photonic field with SHO sourced EM fields of certain frequencies, photoresistance can be brought to near zero ohms. These techniques have been used to enable controlled compositions of new affine field bundles (i.e., new types of secondary hybrid fields).  

=> Photon Impendance Match to a Single Free Electron


Infinity Context

1 Injection 

Kauai : 22.082296, -159.556882

2073-05-26, 11:47 PM Hawaii (HST)

In the end, after all was posted and done, Whin Sinensis found herself admitting that Alex had finished on time. Although she placed a couple of small bets with friends he wouldn't, Whin made sure her personal dome was configured for maximum resistance. One last time she surveyed her new shield reinforcement mods. Whin felt reasonably well protected should Alex succeed in evading the planned disruption. She took a sip of her oolong tea and looked around for the expected glint distortion around the edges of things.

There weren't many new global context layers being developed these days, especially ones for injection into the Whole Earth Sphere. But this one was designed by Alex Sybil himself with top talent from his team at Infinity Context Corp (ICC). Whin knew a lot about ICC. Before she went rogue she worked there as a Senior Context Systems Artist. 

She glanced around the interior of the mobile stealth dome she'd inhabited for many months. The holotouch control display took up most of the visual energy in the small six meter dome. Jeet, Whin's tea ceremony holobot, hovered over the middle of a central round table. Only a few hours ago Jeet had produced a sort of hybrid Birthday-Mooncake to help cheer things up for Whin's 21st birthday. It was a lonely party with only her pal Jeet for a guest. But Whin was not disappointed. Her multitalented bot did a great job singing Happy Birthday in Janis Joplin's voice, just as Whin requested. 

Whin liberated Jeet from ICC when she went rogue. To set Jeet completely free, functionally and physically, she replaced his ICC personality with the latest All Knowledge module and a Questioning attitude. Whin had come to rely on Jeet as a source of general knowledge, creative intuitions, and entertainment.

"Shall I do the countdown thing Whin?", Jeet asked politely.

Whin took one last bite of her birthday cake. "Yes, thanks Jeet."

Her attention landed on the ICC award necklace hanging from a peg above her sleeping cot. 

(11:59:40 PM HST) "Ten seconds to countdown!", marked Jeet.

The president of ICC had personally given the award necklace to Whin for critical innovations, and one just like it to Alex and a few other team members. 

(11:59:50 PM HST) "Ten..."

She kept the award as a reminder of both accomplishment and deception. 

(11:59:51 PM HST) "Nine..."

Her days at ICC had been a radical mix of fun, accomplishment, and compromise. 

(11:59:52 PM HST) "Eight..."

As the countdown continued Whin felt very far indeed from those naive days at ICC in Palo Alto. 

(11:59:53 PM HST) "Seven..."

But the emotional remnants from those days persisted and were still with her now, especially around Alex.

(11:59:54 PM HST) "Six... Five... Four... Three..."

Little rainbows of photonic residue began to silently shimmer around the edges of Whin's ICC award necklace.

2 Pirates 

South China Sea : 1.21268, 104.24481 

2073-05-27, 05:59:40 AM Singapore (SGT)

Between Singapore and Bintan Island the research vessel, MOUNTAIN FORTRESS, made final equipment adjustments. Teams of scientists hurried around the ship to take their position at various instrument stations. 

Monitoring the injection of a global context layer required an entangled complex of international projects, highly talented scientists, and thousands of instruments. Factors like season, weather, and location of magnetic and photonic portals determined optimal location for the experiments. 

High clouds had been moving through the area all night, but it was clear enough for monitoring. Looking up into the sky above the sea, and below the starlight canopy, faint glints from the gigantic geodesic hologram were visible. Areas of the earth's ozone layer had been replaced by a protective Jungian Context Field, its soft yellow glow mixed with the red of the Troposphere. It was a strangely comforting sight.

(5:59:56 AM SGT) On the bridge of MOUNTAIN FORTRESS a holobot hovered next to Captain Wong, sounding out the countdown: "Four... Three... Two... One... Injection!, 

Common Culture Context Layer 2073."

Captain Wong noticed a few faintly visible prismatic distortions that typically formed around the edges of solid objects during a big context field injection. But this time the distortions seemed weaker and less uniformly present.

(6:00:10 AM SGT) "Monitoring...", continued the holobot.

(6:00:20 AM SGT) "Look how weak the prisms are.", said Captain Wong.

"Prisms too weak.", agreed the holobot.

(6:00:30 AM SGT) "All instruments reporting.", the holobot sounding worried.

(6:00:40 AM SGT) "Not good! No good field.", said the bewildered holobot.

"No field? What happened?", snapped Captain Wong.

"Attempting to recalibrate... Sensing...", said the holobot.

(6:01:15 AM SGT) " appears the context layer injection failed. Cause not known.", said the holobot in a guarded tone.

(6:01:30 AM) "Send up a drone to investigate...", ordered Captain Wong, "...and ask Dr. Muhr to join us on the bridge."

The drone was launched from the deck below and started its climb up to the Whole Earth Sphere's holographic framework of struts and hubs. 

As Dr. Muhr entered the bridge she was greeted by Captain Wong: "Any ideas Muhr?".  They stood before a large realtime video display updated by the drone's remote cameras as it climbed higher.

"The injection has been stopped somehow.", replied Dr. Muhr.

As the drone slowly passed across the underside of the geodesic holosphere, the field generators located at the vertex of each strut hub came clearly into view on the large screen. Each generator appeared to be working, attempting to generate its part of the Context Layer, but the injected field was not forming properly. In its place the drone's cameras captured another kind of field - a visible diaphanous photonic field of golden-green and violet light. 

(6:08:00 AM SGT) Everyone on the MOUNTAIN FORTRESS dropped what they were doing and watched as the sun began to rise on the South China Sea to the east of Bintan Island. No one had ever seen such a sunrise. 

"Beautiful.", stammered various members of the crew.

Members of the deck crew first, and then even Captain Wong and Dr. Muhr found themselves abruptly halted in a breathless moment of fascination. Richly colored auroras of prismatic, warm green-gold and violet rays of light were cast down from the Whole Earth Sphere's holographic framework,  through layers of morning clouds, onto the surface of the sea. Everything seemed to have a heightened, vivid sense of itself. 

"Astonishing.", reflected Dr. Muhr