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Three+ decades of critical-path experience in Silicon Valley at Apple (10+ years), SRI International, RSA Security, and multiple startup ventures as Sr. Engineering Manager, Technology Leader, Director of QA/Development, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Hacker, and Investor.

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Building optimal group culture and communications.

Adaptive processes, development styles, support, and audits.

Software development tools and technologies for maximum performance, security, and scalability.

The design/development of self monitoring and recovering systems as the ultimate Software Quality Strategy. 

Parsing and understanding domain/context specific ubiquitous language and events for the design of applications and microservices.

The development and application of algorithmic contexts to express the meaning of information, events, and AI in The Cloud.

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"Expert behavior requires an exquisite sensitivity to context and an ability to know what to commit to." 

- Hans Weigand, ACM 2006

I've worked with  top management and in the hands-on trenches to produce great organizational, technical, and product success. I've also experienced what causes projects and companies to fail. I have internalized serious lessons regarding the fundamental necessity of coherence, transparancy, and integrity to durable technical and economic success.

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